Morgue Official Exposed About Matthew 24 Olivet Discourse

This Olivet Discourse Decoded post features a video from MorgueOfficial called ‘This ONE Verse PROVES JESUS LIED? The END TIMES.’

Morgue appears to be a follower of Satan. He shares in the video that he was brought up in a Christian environment, but he has fallen far away from Scriptural truth, and has gone to the dark side.

Video description: I bet you didn’t know that Jesus lied. And it was not a little white lie, it’s about as big of a lie as you can possibly imagine: it’s about the end of the world… a situation that’s very similar to what we’re all experiencing right now. I’m going to show you the one verse that shows that Jesus is a liar and what it has to do with the end of the world.

Morgue cites Matthew 24:2-31, and makes the point that the sun, moon and stars weren’t darkened; nor did Messiah come back for His saints; so Messiah’s statement that all of those things would take place in that generation is a lie.

Here’s what I posted as a comment on the video. 

In Matthew 23, Messiah declared that judgment would come upon the Jewish leaders in’ that generation.’ Then He proclaimed that the temple would be destroyed. His disciples were asking for a sign of when that would take place. That temple and the Jewish nation were destroyed in that generation, in 70 AD, so your explanation is based on false, futuristic explanations of prophecy fulfillment.

The ‘sun, moon and stars being darkened‘ is symbolic language that points to the Jewish leadership system being removed from power. This same language was used in the Bible when the Babylonians and other people groups were removed from power.

Messiah ‘coming in power and glory‘ is not referring to His return for His saints, but His coming in ‘judgment’ of the wicked Jewish leaders who delivered Him up to be killed, as He caused the mighty Roman army to desolate Jerusalem, the temple and the Jewish nation.

The time of ‘great tribulation‘ for the Jewish nation took place during the Jewish-Roman War of 66-70 AD, when 1.1 million Jews died in and around Jerusalem from famine, pestilence, infighting, suicide, evisceration, crucifixion and by the Roman sword.

My The 70th Week Of Daniel Decoded book proves out the fulfillment of all that Messiah described in His Olivet Discourse, in that generation.

Please pray for Morgue to read the website and book, to see Scriptural truth that validates the authority of Scripture and the deity of Messiah, that he would be redeemed for the kingdom and become an outspoken advocate of Messiah.

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4 thoughts on “Morgue Official Exposed About Matthew 24 Olivet Discourse”

  1. “Say what you like,” we shall be told, “the apocalyptic beliefs of the first Christians have been proved to be false. It is clear from the New Testament that they all expected the Second Coming in their own lifetime. And worse still, they had a reason, and one which you will find very embarrassing. Their Master had told them so. He shared, and indeed created, their delusion. He said in so many words, ‘this generation shall not pass till all these things be done.’ And he was wrong. He clearly knew no more about the end of the world than anyone else.” from “The World’s Last Night,” Excerpt 4 of 7 – C.S.Lewis

    The point is that this verse has been an issue for many years, and used by atheists to discredit the Bible. C.S.Lewis is regarded as a Christian, though with some reservations, and he concluded that Jesus didn’t know what the future held.

    I think C.S.Lewis made a mistake himself here, for whatever reason, but it is a quite old issue, probably even as old a Peter saying that people ask “where is the promise of his coming?”.

    So Morgue is just one more, with a good question and wrong conclusion.

    • Thank you for your comment Mike! It’s amazing how Satan has caused Christians to proclaim prophecy fulfillment explanations that make Messiah out to be deceived or a liar. And that deceives people like Morgue and even Jews who think that same thing.

      But if we just take Messiah at His Word, then we can see the fulfillment.

      The same is true about the fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9, which is about Messiah coming to confirm the everlasting covenant with His blood as the sinless Lamb, to pay for our sins. But most Christians proclaim that the 70th week of Daniel is yet future, so they remove another proof of the authority of Scripture and the deity of Messiah.

      And the same thing is true about Revelation, as most of the prophecies have been fulfilled in exacting detail during the last 1,900 years; which is another proof of the authority of Scripture and the deity of Messiah. Here’s my Revelation Fulfillment Summary study that gives the big picture, and the studies give the verse by verse explanation.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way!

  2. Jesus said, in this generation, and correct he was. John was taken in spirit and saw the coming
    of the Lord in all his glory!!! Don’t just read but study the Bible [ basic instruction before life ends]
    And nowhere did Jesus remotely suggest a secret rapture, which is a false doctrine
    John was the last surviving disciple on the isle of patmos, makes him part of that generation
    Bless you


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