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Thank you for considering to support this ministry!

I’m committed to full-time ministry and have been working part-time in the health and wellness industry to pay my bills; and to pay the ministry costs of website hosting, domain names, email distribution services, podcasting hosting, etc. 

But the health crisis of the last two years has significantly reduced my income. If I get a different job, it will pull me away from my assignment, which is to write studies and books, and make videos.

You can donate via PayPal. Simply click on the DONATE button to link to a secure website. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use a credit card or bank account.

Mail me a check. Make it out to David Wilcoxson and send it to PO Box 1690 Parker, CO 80134

Or click here to donate via GoFundMe

I pray that our Heavenly Father blesses you and keeps you. May He make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you!

David Nikao Wilcoxson.

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5 thoughts on “Support David”

  1. Since you don’t feel the need to work, you don’t deserve free money to eat!
    2 Thessalonians 3:9-11. CJB

    9 It was not that we hadn’t the right to be supported, but so that we could make ourselves an example to imitate. 10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this command: if someone won’t work, he shouldn’t eat! 11 We hear that some of you are leading a life of idleness — not busy working, just busybodies!

    I do however, pray to the Father that He blesses you in Messiah’s name! Amen!

    • The irony of your comment Ken, is that I work much harder in ministry, than I did in the corporate world.
      My life is poured out, carrying out my assignment from the Father.
      Thank you for your prayers! Keep learning and growing in The Way!

    • Ken he just said he work part time and look at all this work he has done in this ministry, I’ve checked a lot of what he has said andddd he’s certainly one of the very few that really knows what he’s talking about… you know how many times I’ve been working at my full time job thinking…I should really not be working, wasting time chasing money, I should be reading lol

  2. Dear David

    I am reading your book “The Olivet Discourse Decoded”, which I am finding very helpful in clarifying the subject matter.

    I do, however, have one question for you.

    You state on the back cover of the book that “Matthew records that the Messiah pointed to “this generation” ten times.”

    My question to you is: I cannot find the words “this generation” ten times in Matthew in either the Authorised King James or the New King James as they only appear five times, as follows:
    1) Matt 11:16
    2) Matt 12:41
    3) Matt 12:42
    4) Matt 23:36
    5) Matt 24:34

    In view of the foregoing, please could you point me to the other five times, I would really appreciate it if you could, as I am obviously missing something.

    Thank you for your help.
    Kind regards
    Paul (Thomas), UK

    • Dear Paul, sorry for the confusion. I didn’t mean to imply that the phrase ‘this generation’ was used ten times, but that the context of the ten times that the word ‘generation’ is used in Matthew, is pointing to the generation of Jews who lived during Messiah’s ministry; so when we come to Matthew 24:34, we understand what the phrase ‘this generation’ means.

      Read Matthew 3:7, 12:34, 12:39, 12:45, 16:4, 17:17, 23:33

      Blessings to you,


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