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If you have questions about a particular Olivet Discourse Deception study, please read the related studies, as they might answer your question.

If you disagree with an explanation, please provide scriptural evidence for your position.

Just saying that you disagree, or that your Pastor or a top radio/TV preacher teaches differently, is not enough.

For we must rely on scripture and the historical fulfillment of prophecy, not on speculations that have no proof.

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Mercy, peace, and love to you! 🙂

David Nikao

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15 thoughts on “Contact The Olivet Discourse Deception Study Author”

  1. I have been truly blessed by your studies. I prayed and prayed for wisdom in understanding The True Bible. So much that I had been taught just didn’t seem logical. I was raised a catholic. I didn’t believe the theology as a young child. I was scared of the priests, but comfortable around the nuns. I left the church as an adult fearing my family would be furious with me, but they weren’t!!! I joined the Presbyterian PCA, and was taught sound doctrine for the most part, except Revelation. They didn’t touch it. I later went to a large Southern Baptist church. It was too much like a big business, even my twins in their early twenties complained about the prentiousness and horrible music. I am currently going to a small, very small, Fundamental Baptist church. I like most of the preaching, singing, and simplicity. However, Revelations isn’t taught. The pastor told me his mentor believed that the RCC was the beast. He said he just couldn’t preach on something he didn’t know well. I am praying for the spirit to help him. Anyway, I hope to support you when I sell my house getting my finances back on track. By the way, some of the people that commented on your spelling errors have some grammar errors. God bless you, and I pray for you to stay strong in your ministry. You can through Christ.

    • Thank you for sharing your story! I’m blessed to know that the studies have helped you. Sadly, I didn’t get taught any of this at Baptist or Calvary Chapel churches. I understand about pastors not wanting to teach on Revelation, because most of them have been misled to believe that it’s all yet future.

      As for spelling errors, I dislike them; but I’ll take the truth with spelling errors over deceptions with no spelling errors.

      Contact me anytime with questions or insight about the studies.

      Here’s a link to my Revelation Timeline Decoded studies series.

  2. Hi
    I agree with a lot of your studies apart from the location of the Temple Mount. I believe that Bob Cornuke based his work on a book by Ernest Martin, here is a response to Dr Ernest Martins book.
    Also not mentioned is the Red Heifer Ceremony as mentioned in Numbers 19 which had to be outside the camp. In Jerusalem the Miphkad Altar on the Mount of Olives would have to be in line of the sight of the Temple facing east so the High Priest could see it when the sun was on it. This would be difficult if the Temple was located in the City of David. Look at this
    Also the book Jesus and the Third Temple by Robert Reiland. I have links to other video’s and images regarding this. I hope you will look at again and not push it to one side as other ministries have done because I believe it is important.

    • Hi Rodney, thanks for sharing your insight. I’ll check out the articles when I get time. Can you bottom line them and tell me where they say the temple used to be?

      • Thank you for your reply. The Temple was located on the Temple Mount platform where Muslims have their Mosques. Now people quote Matthew 24 verse 2 to say it cannot be the Temple Mount because it is still standing and it should be destroyed but if you read it correctly Jesus is talking about the Temple which was destroyed in AD70, not the Mount. They have found stones which had writing on underneath stones which look as they have been thrown down, which would have been on top of the Temple where the trumpeters stood.
        Another website I have just found with a PDF book, included are maps which show the site.

        • The evidence that I’ve found shows that the mount that is left is Roman Antonia Fortress, which was left as a reminder of their authority and power to destroy rebellious districts in their empire.

          The temple was south of the fortress in the City of David.


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