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12 thoughts on “Contact David Nikao Wilcoxson”

  1. Hi David, I was listening to you video about the sower and in it you mentioned your experience in an MLM group. It kind of sounds like it may have been the one I’m associated with as you mentioned “upline” etc. Was it a World Wide or Amway group?

    • Hi Rick, I was a distributor for AdvoCare International, a health and wellness company. Keep pressing on for the glory of our King! David

  2. Hi David, In my research I discovered a site which details an archaeological find on the Mount of Olives, the grave stone of one Simon Bar Jonah. Obviously if true this puts a dent in the “Tradition”al narrative that Peter was crucified upside down and buried in Rome. As a former Roman Catholic I was always told this and even their encyclopedia states that the above claim is a matter of “tradition”. I went through the book of Acts and Paul’s letters and worked out a timeline and could find no evidence Peter was even in Rome.
    I only bring this up because (if I remember correctly), you state this very same traditional narrative in one of your videos. Maybe you have additional information on this matter or I missed something.
    Thank you for all your work.

    • Thank you for your comment Gene! I’m blessed to know that the studies help you see the glory of Messiah in the historical fulfillment. And thank you for having a heart to support me! -)

  3. I just finished reading all three of your decoded books… they are all fascinating! I agree with everything you say and I feel like I understand scripture for the first time, and I have a new appreciation of history (empires) and how it all ties into the Bible. It’s amazing to realize that God is capable of having anyone act a certain way in order to fulfill his desired end result, no matter what they believe.
    It makes total sense to me that we are all responsible to make the decision to believe in and worship God, and have faith in him and Jesus. I would expect an important decision like whether we worship God or not to determine if we receive the Seal of God. Basically, the same decision that has faced people for thousands of years, which I think puts us all on the same level. I believe God wants to have a relationship with all of us with Jesus as our mediator… no need for any church or idols to get in the way!

    • Thank you for your comment Robert! I appreciate your zeal for truth about prophecy fulfillment. Yeah, it’s amazing to see how Revelation points to major historical events that have taken place during the last 1,900 years. I’ve learned more during twelve years of self-study than I did the previous decades in churches. Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah, David

  4. Hi David. Have read your 3 “Decoded” books. Have them all in my possession. Excellent work. I have however been in vain trying to find a link for the pdf copies of these books as I desperately want to share this with some friends. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • Hi Bob, I appreciate your zeal in studying Bible prophecy!

      I prefer that you don’t send PDF copies of the books to people, but instead have them request copies on the following websites. That helps me track how many people are requesting the books and I pray for each person to be able to see the truth.

      You and they can request the Olivet Discourse Decoded PDF on the home page of this website, the 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded PDF on this page and Revelation Timeline Decoded Summary PDF on this page

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!


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